Cold Storage Equipment




Direct starter with electronic overload relay, adjustable from 3 to 25 A. Compressor, condenser fan and evaporator control. Defrost by air or by electric heat. Large size display for better temperature viewing. Operation and alert message indicator icons on screen. On/off switch for installation, with automatic pump down controller. Fast programming menu (frequency and duration for defrosting, fan status during defrosting). Hot key for manual defrosting. Hot key for adjusting temperature. General circuit-breaker. Single-phase condenser fans: one in conjunction with the compressor, the other via the PA. Single-phase fuse protected output for: single-phase EC condenser fan power supply, single-phase condenser fan speed controller power supply, trapped person connection or temperature recorder. Three-phase condenser fans: one in conjunction with the compressor, with the independent contactor, and the other via the PA with an electronic overload relay. Input for condenser fan clixons. Single-pole circuit breaker + general neutral controller. Configurable digital inputs, for special controllers such as: door contact, setpoint switch, remote defrosting, etc.