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Copper Coil (ACR)


Durable and long-lasting copper pipes with promising quality

Almost every air conditioning and refrigeration unit require a proper coiling system for the refrigerant gas and air passageway. Although alloys are used in making these coils and pipes, no other element can provide the best experience and service as copper wire Dubai. This particular element is known for its excellent resistance against abrasion, extreme temperatures, daily wear and tear, and corrosion. Besides, copper also forms an important constituent of several alloys during fabrication.

Why are copper coils used in air conditioning and refrigeration units?

In recent times, copper wire Dubai has become famous for constructing coils and pipelines for refrigeration and air conditioning units. There are several reasons why this element is valued and preferred over all other available materials that serve the same purpose. Following are some reasons why copper is used in refrigeration and air conditioning units in almost every commercial establishment.

1. The leading coefficient of heat conduction is quite high for copper compared to other alloys and metals. As a result, it helps in the faster exchange of heat in the evaporation and condensation units of the HVAC system. 2. Due to high flexibility, the copper wires can be bent and shaped in different forms according to the structure of the air conditioning and refrigeration unit. Plus, it does not even break or snap at the twist regions, no matter how complex the structure is. 3. Unlike iron, copper is resistant to rusting and corrosion, which is why it can last for a long time, and there is no need to replace copper tubes and pipes within the coming few years. 4. Also, copper wire Dubai can prevent oxidation while condensing the air inside the air conditioning and refrigeration units. Therefore, it is much preferred over aluminium since it can retain its form without corrosion or damage from any chemical reaction.
5. Since copper has a low specific heat capacity, it can cool down easily. Therefore, it does not take long to dissipate the heat generated in the compressing and evaporating units. This further improves the performance of the overall HVAC system.
6. Copper is not fragile like aluminium or any other alloy material used in constructing the AC piping. Instead, unlike any other material, it is much stronger and can withstand mechanical pressure. This is one of the many reasons why this particular element is used in HVAC systems.
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