Air Con & Refrigeration

Helical Oil Separator


The task of the helical oil separators is to separate oil from the discharge refrigerant correctly and ensure oil return to the compressor most effectively. The purpose is to maintain crankcase oil level and increases the efficiency of the system by minimizing the excessive oil circulation. Helical oil separators are designed for low pressure oil management systems, they can be used in various systems and multiple compressors. Helical system and stainless filter system in the product are more effective in separating oil than standard oil separators. The surface of the oil separator is wrapped with a stainless filter, so that heavier oil particles adhere through helical path, separate from discharge refrigerant and drains. Gas/oil mixture is moved along spiral path by centrifugal force, and oil particles revolve on surface of perimeter and collide with layer. Oil drains from the filter screen to the reservoir at the bottom. Refrigerant passes through the filter and leaves the oil separator from outlet connection. When oil level rises in the reservoirs, float ball rises and oil returns to the crankcase by passing through oil return connection.