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Total condition check for 12V (24V) batteries. (Truck, Marine, Industry etc.)Battery check, Engine start performance, Charging system tests.Testing Batteries: All types of 12V Lead Acid Batteries.(VRLA/GEL/EFB/AGM/SPIRAL/MF/Charge Controller battery/Idle Reduction battery(ISS)/Hybrid Auxiliary battery etc.) *Cannot test Nickel-hydrogen battery. For the automotive batteries with EN/DIN, SAE/BCI, and JIS standards. Applicable to the vehicles with Charge Controller or Idle Reduction systems. Auxiliary battery test for TOYOTA-Hybrids. Attention (Caution) result added. Double Dierential Pulse Test Method for more accurate testing. Unused Battery Test Mode. Carrying Case for Protection. On-Site Printing with Built-in Printer. Easy Database Upgrade through KAISE Website.

Testable Battery 12V Battery
Printer Built-in Printer
Language (display & print) Japanese, English, (Default setting : English)
Measurement Range 100 to 1400CCA, Industrial :1.0mΩ to 50.0mΩ
Features Quick and Accurate Car Battery & System Test with Single Hand-Held Equipment.
Power Supply From Test Battery or USB connection
Accessories 937 USB Cable, Printer Paper (x 2, for testing sample), 1032 Carrying Case, Instruction Manual
CE Mark EN61326-1
Dimensions 248(H) x 96(W) x 50(D) mm, Approx. 550g
Display (LCD) LCD (dot matrix display :128×64 dots)