Can copper piping cause plumbing problems? 7 signs of trouble

Copper pipe is one of the most used materials used for establishing efficient and long-lasting plumbing systems. The material can withstand wear and tear for the longest possible time without showing signs of damage. Besides, it is suitable for residential and commercial plumbing systems.

However, the material is not immune to all the problems. You will have to deal with plumbing issues even when the system has copper pipes Dubai. Knowing about these issues from beforehand will prove to be extremely beneficial since you can easily identify the problem and call the plumbers on time. keeping this on mind, we have discussed the top seven problems that copper pipes can face.

Low water pressure

Copper pipes are not immune to corrosion, considering the high reactivity of the metal with chemicals usually found in water. This is why any plumbing system made with copper pipes can easily suffer from higher degree of corrosion when used for long time without maintenance. Due to this corrosion, the water pressure inside the pipe can suddenly drop significantly, thereby causing imbalance in the water flow speed and volume.

Rusting on the inter surface

Another most common problem you can easily find in the copper pipes is rusting on the inner part of the items. Copper is a highly reactive metal that reacts with water and oxygen to form copper hydroxide, cuprous oxide, cupric oxide, and so many other such types of compounds. These compounds usually have a certain number of water molecules physically attached with their lattice, thereby forming rust. Rusting not only degrades the copper pipes but also reduce their longevity and efficiency.

Teal stains

When copper pipes react with water loaded with iron, you will find teal or blue colored stains due to the formation of iron oxide. In this case, it would be better if you get the pipes replaced at the earliest.

Water stagnation

Water stagnation is also a common problem with the copper pipes where water stops flowing and starts accumulating inside, causing overflows on the other side or leakage through the joints and valves.

Metallic taste

Metallic taste in water is mainly due to the release of excessive copper ions due to chemical reactions inside the copper pipe. The water is not at all safe for consumption, which is why getting the system repaired or replaced is important.

Clogs and blocks

One of the most common problems you can find in copper pipes Dubai is the presence of clogs and blocks frequently. As these are metal pipes, the chances of clogs forming due to debris, dust, and chemical compounds are high. These clogs are hard to remove and you might need to call a professional very often if you do not maintain the plumbing system or use a filter to improve the water quality before it enters the copper system.

Discoloration of water

Last but not least, corroded copper pipes or poor quality plumbing systems often release copper ions in the water. Sometimes, copper compounds are also mixed with the water molecules that lead to the discoloration of water. From slightly pale yellow color to deep yellow color, there are various shapes that might suddenly appeared in the water flowing out of the copper pipes due to chemical reactions that aren’t safe for people.


As you now understand the seven most common problems one can face with copper pipes Dubai, your job will be to keep an eye for any kind of change in the water flow speed, volume, taste, and so many other attributes. If you find the problem at the initial stage, calling a plumber will help you to get the issue resolved. However, if you call the plumber at later stages when the damage is already at its peak, you might have to change the plumbing system.