What is an HVAC system, and how does it work?

Have you planned to get an air conditioner and a heater separately for the summer and winter seasons? If yes, then you are probably doing it in the wrong manner. This is because nowadays, you won't need a heater and air conditioner separately, especially when it comes to the fact that you need the systems for the entire house. The best solution will be to get the HVAC system. Now you might wonder what HVAC is or how it can improve the air conditioner or heater.

So, to clear your doubts, we have discussed the fundamentals of the HVAC system, explaining its working, types, advantages, and challenges.

What is an HVAC system?

An HVAC system is a heating, ventilation, and cooling system. It not only manages the air circulation within your house and with the outside environment but also cools the air or heats the rooms when required. It usually comes with a central thermostat control from where the user can set the temperature.

Based on this temperature, the HVAC system either heats or cools the air and circulates the same throughout the house. therefore, not only is it an air conditioner cum heater, but it also functions as a centralized air conditioning and heating solution.

Working on the HVAC system

  • First, the air return setup or the ventilation cycle is triggered

  • It allows the HVAC system to suck in the air from outside to the inside through the axial fans while dumping the room's air outside through the exhaust fan

  • The intake air passes through several filters to remove dust, debris, bacteria, and other impurities

  • If the heating system is set through the thermostat, the air is passed through a heating coil that heats the air and circulates it throughout the room

  • On the other hand, if the cooling function is activated, the compressor functions and lowers the air temperature before central circulation

Types of HVAC system

HVAC systems can be classified into ducted and ductless systems. These are:

  • A ducted HVAC circulates the air through ducts throughout the house in some specific regions

  • A ductless HVAC system does not use ducts and circulates the air through vents

Advantages of the HVAC system

There are several reasons why you can use the HVAC system. These are:

  • The HVAC system eliminates the need for an air conditioner or a heater separately. It functions as a combined air conditioner and heater, saving many initial investments.

  • The entire room can be heated or cooled down using a single system.

  • It is much easier to control the temperature because the thermostat is used. You will be able to set the required temperature according to your comfort.

  • Also, you can easily enjoy a consistent temperature inside your house at every location. There won't be any hotspots, thanks to the high throw power of the HVAC systems.

Challenges of HVAC system

The biggest challenge of the HVAC system is the working of the thermostat. If it fails, you won't be able to change the temperature and set the required heating or cooling function.


In this article, we have walked you through the fundamentals of the HVAC system. With this, you now have the best idea to decide if you want to invest in it or not. If yes, do ensure to partner up with the best HVAC system provider in your city. Visit Albaz to get the best HVAC systems from the experts.